Seidio Multi-Purpose Wireless Charger

Qi Wireless Charger for iPhone and Samsung
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Seidio Multi-Purpose Wireless Charger



The Wireless Charger provides ample convenience for your streamlined lifestyle to keep you working without the hassle of messy, tangled cords or plugging into tiny ports and hard to reach outlets. Compatible with Qi enhanced technology, our Wireless Charger quickly juices your device simply by being placed on top of the charging pad. No need to struggle anymore to find small ports in the dark or unplugging devices to pick up, the Wireless Charger has you covered.

  • Seidio Wireless Charger utilizes Qi inductive Charging Technology and eliminates the need to attach charging cables every time you charge your devices.
  • Charge Qi-compatible devices without the hassle of tangled cables or damaging the charging port on your device.
  • Nano material on charger surface securely holding your phone securely.
  • You can continue to use your device while charging and your device is always accessible so you can answer a call without having to unplug.
  • For optimal performance, your device should be placed in the center of the charging pad.


  • Input: MicroUSB 5V/2.0A
  • Output: Wireless 5V/1.0A
  • Reminder: Don't forget to get the USB Wall Charger.(not included)


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