Seidio Magnetic Car Vent Mount

Seidio Magnetic Car Vent Mount

Seidio Magnetic Car Vent Mount

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The Magnetic Car Mount is the most compact, durable, and convenient car mount you will ever require. The mount slides easily into your vehicle’s air vent. No more windshield distractions or suction cups on your dashboard. Auto-mount feature enables your device to stick to the mount without worry it will fall off while vehicle is in motion. Plus, swivel your device any direction while mounted. Completely safe to use; metal plates or magnet will not harm your device.

• Universal Magnetic Car Mount slides easily onto any air vent in your vehicle.
• Variable, rubberized slits on mount hold firm to air vent to prevent slippage while driving.
• Sturdy, yet powerful magnet (Type N48) prevents phone from detaching from mount while in use.
• Auto-mount feature included. Activate by placing device with metal plate close enough to mount to trigger.
• Swivel, rotate and tilt device into as many directions as you choose.
• Magnet completely safe to use and will not harm your device.
• 2 different sized, ultra-thin metal plates included with Magnetic Car Mount.

Note: Metal plates will affect wireless charging capability.


  1. 5 out of 5


    Received this free as a “buy a case get this free” promotion. I don’t need it in my car so I am using it as a kickstand. It works great in the car, I just don’t need it there. It works amazing as a kickstand.

  2. 4 out of 5


    I have 3 vehicles. Will Seidio make the car attachment/magnet available for sale without the phone case magnets?

    • :

      Hi John,

      The plate that attached to your phone is just a piece of metal. The magnet mount itself has the super strong magnet built-in. Unfortunately, we can only sell the mount and the 2 plates together in a package.


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