SEIDIO Dual-Driver Noise Isolation Earbuds Headset

SEIDIO Dual-Driver Noise Isolation Earbuds Headset
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SEIDIO Dual-Driver Noise Isolation Earbuds Headset


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The new Dual-Dynamic Driver Headset innovates by impacting your listening experience with deeper bass and clearer vocals to make your overall listening experience more enthralling than ever before. Including customizable ear tips, composed of a soft silicone material, which comes in 3 different sizes to accommodate any ear size. Stop worrying about destroying the headset with our tangle resistant cord and aluminum metal housing on the ear bud. Incredibly durable, yet lightweight to not drag you down. Smart Control Technology incorporated in the cord universally works on Android and iOS devices with 3.5mm audio jack.

• Dual-Dynamic Microspeakers inside the earpiece for a deeper bass sound and better listening experience overall
• Customizable perfect-fit soft silicone rounded ear tips with 3 different sizes for premium noise isolation
• Tangle resistant cord measuring 50 inches long and a gold plated 3.5 mm jack connection
• Housing composed of diamond cut aluminum means a durable build without the weight of heavier metals
• A Universal 3 button remote and microphone compatible with both Android and iOS devices* included in headset along the cord
Note: Audio adapter is needed for devices without 3.5mm audio jack.

• Frequency Response: 20Hz -20kHz
• Capacity: 5mW nominal (10mW max.)
• Sensitivity: 99.7dB/mW
• Impendence: 25Ω ±15%
• Driver size: 6mm & 10mm


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