Samsung Note 9 DILEX


Samsung Note 9 DILEX

3.75 out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings


  • A slim, yet protective, profile at 2.2mm thin Unique and enhanced corners provide military-grade drop protection up to 6 ft.
  • Provides scratch protection and absorbs shocks to device Dual-layer design features a Polycarbonate outer layer and TPU inner bumper layer
  • Raised edges lift your screen and camera lens away from surfaces
  • Buttons and ports maintain usability with added protection from the TPU layer
  • Precision cutouts for power port allow for easy access


THE DILEX case is back and better than ever. It’s been completely re-imagined from the inside out with even better protection than before. Featuring a dual layer construction and unique enhanced corner design, this case provides military-grade drop protection for up to 6 ft. The TPU inner layer helps dissipates shock in event of any impacts.


1 – Raised edges lift your screen and camera lens away from surfaces
2 – Unique, high impact corner design protects your phone with military-grade drop protection
3 – Precision cutouts for ports and controls allow for easy access with TPU coverings to protect your volume and power buttons
4 – Slim design is only 2.2 mm thin with a dual layer bumper design featuring a Polycarbonate outer layer and a TPU inner layer


Of the many benefits people expect from their smartphone cases, first and foremost is some kind of protection. After all, the realities of life often include smartphones being accidentally bumped, hit and dropped–no matter how careful we are in handling them.

What makes Seidio’s cases so astonishing is the level of protection our products provide, while still remaining slim, lightweight and non-clunky. Many of our cases meet a variety of industry drop protection standards. And all of them are engineered for life.


Whether you’re an active outdoors person or not, there will always be moments when you’re outside of your home or car and Mother Nature comes calling. That’s why Seidio designs and engineers cases for outdoor lovers as well as for those might rather stay inside.

From the slimmest protection available to tough, rugged outdoors defense systems, Seidio cases cover a wide range of safeguarding options in a broad collection of styles. So whether your fair-weather or up for anything, Seidio cases have got you covered.


We are referring, of course, to families with children. Whether it’s toddlers or teens, or both, it seems no group of humans is more likely to be involved with smartphone accidents. Who would have ever imagined we’d have to protect our devices from baby bites and drool? Two-year old temper tantrums? And absent-minded young adults?

Well, we at Seidio would. And we did. That’s why we’ve designed products that fit parents’ lifestyles as well as their lives; lives that include the unpredictable actions of children.
(You can thank us later.)seidio


  1. 5 out of 5


    Got a pre production sample to review and the new Dilex designs have made some pretty exciting improvements from the previous generation (in my opinion). First thing which was kind of sad was the kickstand went out the window, which was one of my favorite features but allows for a slimmer and lighter design while maintaining the exact specs for the Dilex corners (those corners that make the case bounce if dropped). I like the slimmer profile especially when comparing to the Note 8 Dilex case. Will enjoy this new case!

  2. 3 out of 5


    I love the feel of Seidio’s phone cases. I would love to make the Dilex my case of choice. But I have been forced to use the Seidio surface case for my Note 8 and now my Note 9. The surface has provided surprisingly good protection for its size. I love it, but would love to have the extra protection of the Dilex line. However, the sharp edges cut into my hands as I grip the phone, making prolonged holding uncomfortable for me, and that was a deal breaker. I know that it will not be a problem for many people. I still love that seidio touch surface and have enjoyed their cases. I have had Seidio cases since the Droid 2, and love the quality and the comfortable grip of their cases.

  3. 3 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    The case itself is very nice. Not sure why they got rid of the kickstand when the Surface line still has it, but I never really used that much anyway. Good protection, feels like quality, etc.

    By far, the biggest issue is that the S Pen is nearly impossible to extract with this case on it. There is *zero* clearance on the right side of the phone , *plus* the hole to access it is very small. Therefore, you can forget about getting it out just by pressing with your thumb. You have to eject it with your index fingernail, then you have to use another fingernail (or rotate your index finger) to pull it out. Basically, it’s very annoying, and this would be a bad case to get if you use the S Pen frequently.

  4. 4 out of 5


    I like the cases and the holsters… I’ve only had one bad seidio case many years ago. It was poorly designed for the phone but it was still quality. However, regarding the samsung note 9, while it adds considerable size to the phone, it in my mind also provides the standard of protection that i’ve come to expect from seidio and actually more so than i’ve come to expect. Like some others I miss the kickstand…. I never used it alot but then again i’ve never had it with a phone like this where I need it often. I wish the kickstand was there but it’s not that big of a deal.

    the cut out for the pen is a bit close and a bit dramatic. It would be nice if it was tapered, but not a big deal for how i use it.

    The only other reason i gave it a 4 star is the quality of the clip that connects to the holster. Less than two months and it has already broke and i’m already looking for the belt clip replacement agian. Every other thing i like about the case and the holsters.

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