Samsung Galaxy Note 4 LEDGER


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 LEDGER

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The LEDGER is a flip case designed for those that desire protection and functionality. The uniquely designed LEDGER protects your device from scratches, abrasions, and impacts from various angles. The Italian Polyurethane flip cover offers a cloth-like texture and a soft microfiber interior that guards your privacy while remaining stylish. The interior card slot can comfortably hold an ID or credit card. Get more from your flip case with LEDGER! Slim flip cover that easily slips into your pocket while protecting the front, back, and perimeter of your device. Magentic kickstand provides convenience by easily snapping back in when not in use. Case enables horizontal and vertical orientation for optimal experience. Conveniently carry an ID or credit card in the inside slot. Screen cover guards your privacy while cutouts do not interfere with your speaker, camera, or controls. Case raises the camera away from a flat surface in order to protect your lens.


  1. 5 out of 5


    I was thrilled to receive my brand new classy Seidio Ledger that I ordered for my new Note 4. It arrived today on Saturday instead of next Tuesday when your website said it would. I LOVE a company that says what it will do and then does it better! As Founder of, I am anticipating this Ledger case is going to save me a lot of time on my Note 4 making my time so much more enjoyable. I appreciate a company who runs its business as well as it makes its products. You have thought of everything like FREE SHIPPING we give that to our customers to and more.

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