Apple iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus LUMA


Apple iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus LUMA

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  • Solid double injection construction provides durable protection with see-through clear design to show off your device.
  • Polycarbonate backing provides strong protection while the TPU sides protect your buttons and absorb shock.
  • Uses your device’s flash to disperse light throughout the case so you never miss a new notification.
  • Quick and easy installation of interchangeable color plates allow you to pick the color for any mood.


Talk about brilliance. The LUMA uses your smartphone’s flash during calls and notifications by illuminating the entire case. It’s colorful, silent and nearly impossible to ignore. Perfect for parents of newborns and the residents of quiet monasteries. It’s the phone case that runs rings around others.



1. Camera flash cover reflects colorful (Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, White) light throughout the case, with slide cover to allow flash to be used when needed.
2. Clear polycarbonate case for a minimalist look
3. TPU exterior edges for shock absorbing drop protection
4. Easy snap-on installation to your device
5. Quick switching of color notification plates with provided screwdriver


We are referring, of course, to families with children. Whether it’s toddlers or teens, or both, it seems no group of humans is more likely to be involved with smartphone accidents. Who would have ever imagined we’d have to protect our devices from baby bites and drool? Two-year old temper tantrums? And absent-minded young adults?

Well, we at Seidio would. And we did. That’s why we’ve designed products that fit parents’ lifestyles as well as their lives; lives that include the unpredictable actions of children.
(You can thank us later.)


If design ignores the needs of people, then people tend to ignore that design. And there are two critical needs people expect their phone cases to deliver on: Stylish form and functional protection. Both of which Seidio over-delivers on, always.

At Seidio, the ideas and concepts associated with great design aren’t just some lofty notions. They are lived and breathed everyday by everyone involved in the creation of our products. The end result is a collection of beautiful cases and accessories that not only look great, they also endure the many hazards of everyday life.


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