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  Ultimate Screen Protector - Crystal Clear

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Product Code: SPM1SSGS4

Product Details Device Compatibility
This product is not compatible with Samsung GALAXY S4 ACTIVE.

Protect your phones' most vital part, your screen, and maintain its optical clarity with the Ultimate Screen Guard.  Specialty cuts allow you to easily install the screen protector without the hassle of adhesives or effects like bubbling and "orange peel" that happen when using other screen protectors.  Due to its quality and durability, our screen protector does not scratch or tear easily and our customers find themselves replacing their device before purchasing another screen protector.
- Retains your touch screen's sensitivity 
- Maintains your screens optical clarity  
- Covers the front face of your device, including the screen and the proximity sensor with cut-outs for the home button, speaker and camera
- Good surface hardness with a 3H hardness rating
- Made from high grade Japanese film
- Specialty cut allows for easy installation without the hassle of adhesives
- Designed precisely for your device for a perfect fit
- Only 0.1 mm thin

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