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  CONVERT® Value Pack for use with OEM 2100/2000mAh Extended Life Battery - Black

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This product does not interfere with NFC.

True versatility emerges in the cutting-edge design of the Seidio CONVERT®. An industry-first, the CONVERT® features two smartphone cases in one - a sleek case for everyday protection and a heavy-duty case for the demands of the outdoors or rugged professions. Both cases have an accompanying holster.


Start with the SURFACE case, carry it on our SURFACE Holster and upgrade by adding a layer of shock-absorbing silicone and a precision-fit skeleton. On top of the protection offered by the case, your Samsung Galaxy Nexus will remain secure thanks to our patented locking CONVERT® holster that fits a duty or utility belt up to 2” wide.


The CONVERT® Value Pack includes the Ultimate Screen Guard, SURFACE™ case, SURFACE Holster, a rugged skin and skeleton and the CONVERT® Holster.


SURFACEfor use with OEM 2100/2000mAh Extended Life Battery case

- Soft touch hard case that easily slips into and out of a pocket or purse

- Precision cut-outs for access to the ports, camera, and volume buttons

- Sleek case can be used independently when you need less protection
- Compatible with Verizon 2100mAh Extended Life Battery (not included) 



- Unique spring clip lifts for quick access and easy removal
- Felt liner and face-in design protect your phone from outside elements
- Designed specifically for SURFACE™


Rugged skin and skeleton

- Controls, ports and camera are covered for protection while remaining functional

- Shock-absorption with less bulk

- Protects vulnerable parts of device like corners and sides


CONVERT® Holster

- Face-in design protects face of device

- Locks for security and swivels for convenience

- Comfortably clips to belts up to 2” wide

Ultimate Screen Guard

- Precision-cut for each device

- Retains touch screen sensitivity and clarity

- Installed without use of adhesives



© Seidio, Inc.  Case designs are trademarks ® of Seidio, Inc., patent pending.

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