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  CONVERT® Add-on Kit for use with Seidio SURFACE™ with Metal Kickstand

MSRP: US$29.95

Must use with SURFACE™ with Metal Kickstand

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Product Code: BD2-HK4BBZ10

Product Details Device Compatibility
Must be used with SURFACE™ with Metal Kickstand case (not included). This product will not fit a "naked" device or other manufacturer's products. This product is not recommended for use with SURFACE™.

The CONVERT® Add-on Kit is for those that want to convert the SURFACEwith Metal Kickstand they already have into a CONVERT
® Combo. Installation and removal are easy, simply add on the rugged skin and skeleton when you want extra protection and remove them when you want a sleeker look.

This kit for the BlackBerry Z10 includes the rugged skin and skeleton, and the newly redesigned CONVERT
® Holster.

Rugged skin and skeleton
- 2.5mm thin silicone case that fits over the SURFACEwith Metal Kickstand case

- All controls are covered to keep dust and dirt out and remain fully functional
- Cut-out allows easy access to metal kickstand
- Ports and camera have silicone covers that are moved for easy access and the camera cut-out pins back
- Plastic frame fits over the back of the case to give a tighter fit and extra protection at the corners

CONVERT® Holster
- Newly redesigned holster fits belts up to 1.5''

- Securely holds your phone with locking mechanism on top clip
- Swivel clip allows you to position your phone in 7 different ways
- Magnet in holster enables BlackBerry sleeper function

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