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  @CONVERT® Plus Value Pack

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MSRP: US$99.95

Product Code: BD5-HKR4IPH4X-BK

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This product is not compatible with Seidio Desktop Charging Cradle and Kit.

We are taking the 2-in-1 concept a step further with the cutting-edge design of the Seidio CONVERT® Plus. An industry-first, the CONVERT® Plus features two smartphone cases in one - a sleek case that includes a battery for everyday protection and power and a heavy-duty case for the demands of the outdoors or rugged professions.

Start with the Innocell Plus case and upgrade by adding a layer of shock-absorbing silicone and a precision-fit skeleton. On top of the protection offered by the case, your iPhone 4/S will remain secure thanks to our patented locking CONVERT® Plus holster that fits a duty or utility belt up to 2” wide.

The CONVERT® Plus Combo includes the Ultimate Screen Guard, Innocell Plus case, Innocell Plus Holster, a rugged skin and skeleton, and the CONVERT® Plus Holster.

Innocell Plus case
First iPhone 4/4S power case with a removable battery that is certified by Apple
- Sleek case (~ 0.73 cm) that provides scratch protection without adding much bulk
- Case includes a 1700mAh battery in a slot inside the case that allows users to swap out battery with a spare
- Included micro-USB cable allows you to sync and charge your iPhone 4/S without the hassle of removing your case

Innocell Plus Holster
- Felt liner and face-in design protects your phone from outside elements
- Designed specifically for SURFACE Plus

Rugged skin and skeleton

- Controls, ports and camera are covered for protection while remaining functional
- Shock-absorption with less bulk
- Protects vulnerable parts of device like corners and sides

 CONVERT® Plus Holster
- Face-in design protects face of device
- Locks for security and swivels for convenience
- Comfortably clips to belts up to 2” wide

Ultimate Screen Guard
- Precision-cut for each device
- Retains touch screen sensitivity and clarity
- Installed without use of adhesives