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Seidio's OBEX® utilizes advanced technology that not only safeguards your device against drops, but also keeps external elements from damaging your device. This daily use case will protect you from water and accidental coffee spills, inclement weather including rain and snow, and from the dirt and grit of everyday activities.





Our SURFACE™ case is thin and sleek, perfect for those who want to shield their device from everyday wear. Depending on the device's size and dimensions, the case either snaps or slides together. Precision cut-outs allow access to all ports and controls, and the case is finished with our signature soft-touch coating that doesn't attract lint and slides easily in and out of your pocket or purse.





Designed for those with an on-the-go lifestyle, our DILEX™ case provides great shock and impact absorption. With two layers, our DILEX™ case is slightly thicker than our SURFACE™ case. The DILEX™ Skin, the first layer, is a highly durable polymer that covers vital ports and controls. The second layer, which is the DILEX™ Skeleton, fits over the DILEX™ Skin and provides extra protection at impact points such as corners and sides.





Our industry-first convertible case is rugged when you need it, sleek when you don't. The CONVERT® case has interlocking layers that give you the right fit in any situation. Use the SURFACE™ case by itself or all the rugged pieces when you need a durable case. Our locking holster comfortably fits up to a 2" utility or duty belt and is the perfect carrying solution for your CONVERT® case.





Our Spring Clip Holster has been refined from years of customer feedback and technological advances. Our unique spring clip holds your device securely in place, and then lifts for quick access. Both the felt liner and the face-in design protect the screen from scratches and exposure to outside elements. Our holsters can be worn in one of seven different positions, ranging from horizontal to vertical. In addition, all BlackBerry phones retain the "sleeper function" when placed in the holster.
We have case-specific holsters that are compatible with each line of our cases and a separate holster that is designed for non-cased devices.. Our locking feature on select holsters is optional, but when utilized, it ensures the user only removes the phone intentionally.



Power Solutions

Innocell Batteries

Our Innocell extended batteries were developed for users that can not always get to an outlet or need multiple charges to get through a day. Knowing that you want to use your smartphone's capabilities to the fullest, we have developed slim and super extended batteries using top quality Japanese cells. Our slim extended battery fits into the existing space of your device and our super extended battery comes with a replacement battery door and provides up to double the capacity of your OEM battery.



Multi-Function Battery Chargers

Our Multi-Function Battery Charger is a great way to charge both a battery and your device at the same time.
This versatile accessory charges your spare OEM or Seidio extended life battery and your device at the same time, so you will always be powered and ready to go. With the option to charge via a USB cable or an AC outlet with foldable prongs, this accessory is convenient and portable. Interchangeable charging plates fit into the base, allowing users to charge various devices.

Desktop Cradles/Docks

With the understanding that you simply want to drop your device into a charging dock when you have a case on or an extended battery installed, we have developed charging solutions that accommodate a bare device, our cases and our extended batteries.

Innotraveler Car Kit

Our car kits are designed to allow you to easily use and charge your phone while you are on the go. Designed to accommodate your Seidio case or extended battery and made using high quality materials, such as our German mount, our car kit will hold securely to your dashboard or windshield wherever your next adventure may take you.


Screen Guard
  screen protector  

Our screen guards provide the ultimate protection against scuffs and scratches. Created from the highest grade of Japanese film, our screen guard maintains optical clarity and retains touchscreen sensitivity. Cut precisely for your device, our screen guards do not require any messy adhesives, which make installation and use a breeze!